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Kaamosjazz 2014 is at 20.-23.11.2014!



Aarno Cronvall started his career as the Artistic Director for the 33rd Kaamosjazz – festival in January 2013. His task is to gather the best line-up of artists for the festival in co-operation with Inari-Saariselkä Tourism Ltd and the concert venues.  


“This year’s Kaamosjazz artists were chosen from a very large group of top jazz musicians. Among the renowned artists from Finland such as prestigious musician-composer Jukka Linkola and younger generations flourishing singer Aili Ikonen. We have also managed to persuade English elite jazz singer Claire Martin and her trio to feel the atmosphere of this festival. Martin is internationally appreciated artist whom we are excited to have here”, Cronvall says.


The concerts are held in four locations. In Saariselkä Village the venues are Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna, Saariselkä Fell Chapel, Restaurant Kaunispään Huippu and Ski Saariselkä Sport Resort. In Tankavaara the Goldmuseum, in Inari Village Sami Cultural Centre Sajos and in Kakslauttanen Santa’s Resort and Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen which are also well-known for the glass-roof igloos where the  Northern Lights can be comfortably watched from one´s own bed.


About Kaamosjazz:

Kaamosjazz is a festival with long and versatile history. The first time jazz was played in Kaamos (Polar Night) was in 1981. Thanks to Grand Old Man Kauko Launonen and a group of volunteers from Kaamosjazz Ry the festival has grown ever since. Mr. Launonen retired from his position in 2011 to give Inari–Saariselkä Tourism Ltd (former Northern Lapland Tourism Ltd) the leading role in developing the event and coordinating it with the concert venues in the region.


Artists in Kaamosjazz Festival 2013:

Claire Martin & Trio, Jukka Linkola, Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola, Kimmo Leppälä, Raimo Nikulainen, Alvi’s Dixie Stompers, Seppo Hovi, Pekka Sarmanto, Pekka Toivanen, Jartza Karvonen, Antti Sarpila, Aili Ikonen, HERD-trio, Matti Johannes Koivu Trio


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Kaamosjazz 2013 is at 21.-24.11.2013!

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